Greater Than AIDS: Deciding Moments

What is Deciding Moments?

Deciding Moments are everyday opportunities to take a stand against HIV – to be “greater than” the disease. It may be walking into a clinic and asking to be tested, buying (and using) condoms, correcting a piece of misinformation, talking with your child, or keeping up with your medications. Through these simple acts, we help to stop the spread of HIV. And, by each of us doing our part, we can collectively change the course of this epidemic.

This idea inspired the latest series of public service ads from Greater Than AIDS Exit Disclaimer, a national movement to respond to the AIDS crisis in the United States, in particular the severe and disproportionate epidemic among Black Americans. The Deciding Moments Exit Disclaimer campaign features real-life stories from individuals across the country, including those living with HIV and their loved ones, who share their own “Deciding Moments” in the hopes of inspiring others.

Read more here.


About Rev Andy Little

I am a Presbyterian minister not currently serving a church. This, of course, gives me time on my hands.
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